Three Phase Aluminium Electric Motors

Techtop TAI Motor

Brand / ManufacturerTechtop
Range0.06kw to 37kw

TAI / TAP Series Aluminium Three Phase

0.06kW to 37kW – Frame 56 to 200L

Techtop’s TAI/TAP aluminium series three phase electric motors are suitable for all industrial applications where optimal design performance and low weight are key factors.

Motor Gearbox Products Tasmania stock a range of these three phase electric motors in 2, 4 and 6pole.

The standard degree of enclosure protection for TAI series is IP 55 (increased IP protection is available). Shafts are fitted with an oil seal as standard on flange mount and a V ring seal on foot mount.

TAP series are IP66 as standard and are fitted with oil seals on both ends.

As standard, TAI/TAP series motors are fitted with detachable feet. The multi-mount design allows for the motor feet to be removed and repositioned to either side to produce a side mounted terminal box.

Alternatively the feet can be removed and the motor mounted from any of the 16 mounting pads.

TAI/TAP series motors are low weight design and come standard a drilled and tapped hole in the shaft which makes this series ideal for fan applications. This motor series is also ideally suited for fitting to aluminium gearboxes.

*Optional B5R flange is available for gearbox fitment – B5R flanges are one frame size smaller than standard B5 flanges.

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