Three Phase EXD Flameproof Electric Motors

Techtop EXD Flameproof Electric Motor
Brand / ManufacturerTechtop
Range0.55kw to 315kw

TCD YBX3 Series EXD Flameproof Three Phase

0.55kW to 315kW – Frame 80 to 355

Techtop Australia’s TCD YBX3 series of Exd flameproof motors are certified for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas.

The full motor range of TCD YBX3 series complies to IEC60079-0:2011 Explosive atmospheres – Part 0 General requirements & IEC60079-1:2014-06 Explosive atmospheres – Part 1: Equipment protected by flameproof enclosure “d”. The TCD YBX3 range is specially designed and certified for use in a Zone 1, Groups IIB or IIC, T4 class temperature, Ex d area. This range is certified to IEC/Ex and Atex.

The TCD YBX3 range in 2, 4 & 6 pole complies with MEPS2 requirements of AS/NZS 1359.5.2004 Table A3 (IE3 High Efficiency). Refer GEMS determination 2018. Motors are tested in accordance with Test Method A of AS/NZS 1359.102.3 as per IEC60034-2-1.

TCD YBX3 series are designed with a square box arrangement and have excellent flameproof protection. Motors as standard have 2 conduit entries, 1 x main entry & 1 x thermistor entry, both entries are fitted as standard with IEC/Ex approved cable glands.

Motor Construction

  • Stator and terminal box are manufactured from close-grained pearlitic grey cast iron having 250MPa tensile strength.
  • Stator windings are wound with polyester enamel wire of high strength and treated with VPI (vacuum-pressure impregnation) varnish.
  • Rotors are of cast aluminum and dynamically balanced.
  • Stator and rotor cores are laminated with high-class electrical steel sheet of high permeability.
  • Frame size 132 and below, shielded ball bearings are used and fitted with a wave washer at the drive-end.
  • Frame size 160 and above are fitted with re-greaseable bearings, inner and outer caps are used to prevent any axial movement.
  • Frame size 250 and above have a provision for mounting bearing temperature monitoring devices.
  • Motors are fitted with anti-static plastic fan.
  • Motors for vertical shaft down application are generally fitted with a rain canopy.


  • Suitable for higher ambient temperatures based on deration of kW output.
  • Fitting of anti-condensation heaters.
  • Fitting of extended leads from main terminal box.
  • Suitable for use with VVVF drive based on fitting of 120 ̊C thermistors.
  • Force ventilation by fitment of IEC/Ex approved kit.


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