SEW-EURODRIVE Tullamarine, wow what a facility…. Earlier this month we got the opportunity to take some of our clients on a complete tour of the Tullamarine facility, and wow, it did not disappoint. For us (MGP) it was the second time we have been able to tour the facility but it was a first for all the clients that made the trip with us across the water. I think that I can speak for everyone in saying that we were very impressed….

We started the tour off with a brief discussion about the history of SEW-EURODRIVE here in Australia, before moving on to tour the 7-Series Gearmotor assembly line and stock holdings. This part of the tour was great for our clients, getting to view all the modular componentry that go into the construction of a 7-Series Gearmotor, and the complete process from the first parts picking slip, through to assembly, testing, painting, and finally packaged and ready for despatch. This whole process and the streamline of it all was amazing to watch and is a credit to SEW-EURODRIVE Australia on how they are continually trying to improve this process and be even more efficient.

The tour then moved on to the Gearmotor and Electrical service centre where we got to view some Gear units being inspected and repaired. This part of the facility is more like your traditional workshop but was still very impressive. We also got to take a brief look at some of the Movigear and Servo products available.

We then moved on to the newest part of the Tullamarine facility, the Industrial Gear division. Now this is where everyone got a little excited, mainly due to the fact that their was quite a number of “Big Boys Toys” in assembly. Again like at the 7-Series Gearmotor facility all componentry is kept in a modular format and the process is the same, just the parts are a little heavier 🙂 The amount of large stock that is kept here was a big talking point and really blew our clients away. We again walked through the whole process from start to finish and were lucky enough to view quite a number of Industrial Gear Units in the finishing stages of being completed.

After finishing our tour of the Industrial Gear facility SEW-EURODRIVE kindly provided up with some lunch and everyone got to have a good discussion together about the tour. I think I can say on behalf of everyone that during the tour everyone noticed something they hadn’t seen before that could provide benefits to their plant and production.

After lunch some product training was provided which really topped off a great day for our clients.

We can’t thank the Staff at SEW-EURODRIVE enough for their hospitality, in particular Darren, John, Guido, Spiro and James who took a considerable amount of their day running the tours and training. It was a fantastic day for everyone involved.

We are already looking forward to the next one 🙂

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