Aluminium Three Phase Brake Motors

Three Phase Brake Motor
Brand / ManufacturerTechtop
Range0.18kw to 15kw

TAIB Series Aluminium Three Phase Brake Motors

0.18kW to 15kW – Frame 63 to 160

Based on our standard TAI range the TAIB series three phase Brake Motors are available from 0.18kW to 15kW in 4 pole only with larger ratings and polarities available upon request.

Motor Gearbox Products Tasmania stock a range of these three phase brake motors in 4pole.


Fail Safe Design

TAIB brake motors are fitted with Intorq brand brakes and are “fail to safe” design, as the brake will engage when the power is disconnected.


Brake Connection

The TAIB three phase motor is fitted with a DC brake and half wave rectifier mounted directly in the terminal box for ease of connection to the AC supply.

  • 230V Delta / 400V Star (3kW & below) fitted with 103V DC brake.
  • 400V Delta / 690V Star (4kW & above) fitted with 180V DC brake.


Hand Release

As standard, all TAIB brake motors are fitted with an emergency hand release.


Mounting Arrangements

TAIB motors are available in identical mounting arrangements to that of our standard TAI aluminium series.


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