ESCO DPU Disc Coupling

ESCO Disc Coupling
Brand / ManufacturerESCO
RangeBore Capacity up to 220mm

ESCO DPU (API610 standard & API671 optional)

The Escodisc DPU series is built around ESCO Couplings genuine and original disc pack sub assembly design. This design with optimized disc shape and thickness, is factory assembled and secured by shipping screws against damages, minimizes assembly errors, simplifies coupling mounting and guarantees worry free performance, low operating costs as well as long life of the connected equipment.

General Purpose Design

Because of the high torque, bore and misalignment capacity of the Escodisc DMU coupling range, its high degree of natural inherent balance (AGMA class 9) up to size 85 and the fact that it meets the API 610 standards, this coupling is the ideal solu- tion in a multitude of applications up to 260000 Nm (and larger upon request).

Unitised Disc Pack

The DMU disc pack consists of an optimised number of discs or separated links (for sizes greater or equal to size 190) and has been factory assembled for easy field assembly. To eliminate fretting corrosion (which limits disc type coupling life), stainless steel fillers between the discs are used.

Close Coupled Design

The Escodisc DMU coupling is also available in close coupled design (DMUCC). The high torque/bore capacity makes it an ideal maintenance free alternative for close coupled gear and elastic type couplings and can be modified in such a way that replacement of gear and elastic couplings is possible without modifications to an existing installation. Furthermore, thanks to the split spacer design, disconnection of the two machines and replacement of the disc pack is possible without axial displace- ment of the connected machines.

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