Roller Chain

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Our roller chain is produced with the highest quality materials and processes to bring you quality chains for the toughest applications. The range includes – ISO, BS, ANSI and many custom chains. ISO roller chain – standard, straight side plate, extended pin, hollow pin, stainless steel, nickel plated, zinc plated, double pitch and specials. ANSI roller chain – standard, heavy …

Winflex DG Tapered Grid Couplings

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Winflex DG Taper Grid Couplings are manufactured to the highest quality, manufacturing process and materials.  Attention to details such as the right vanadium in the steel grid for strength, Shot penning of grids to relieve stresses and heat treatment of the grids hardness. These are some of the differences between CMD Winflex coupling and cheap imitations.   Winflex DG taper …

Esco FST Gear Coupling

Esco Gear Couplings

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ESCO SERIES F WITH ESCO MULTICROWN TOOTH FORM FOR LONG LIFE The Esco gear coupling is a torsionally rigid grease filled coupling consisting of two hubs with external multicrown – and two flanged sleeves with straight internal teeth.  The flanged sleeves are bolted together with high strength corrosion protected fitted bolts and nuts. The sleeve is at the opposite side …

Rexnord Omega Couplings

mgptas Power Transmission, Shaft Couplings

Omega® Elastomeric Couplings The unique split-in-half flex element and reversible hubs significantly reduce total costs by reducing inventory and assembly time. Rexnord Omega couplings are non-lubricated, material-flexing couplings utilizing a specially formulated polyurethane material engineered for maximum durabilty, strength and fatigue resistance.   Features and Benefits Split-in-half flex element design for simplified assembly and disassembly Interchangeable hubs allow for reduced …

Poona PM Series Coupling

Rubber In Compression Poona Couplings

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Poona RB and PM Series Shaft Couplings Compression couplings are perfect for applications where server shock loads, torsional vibration or variable speed & load applications. Two basic version allow for shaft to shaft connection or standard SAE flywheel connection. Intrinsically fail safe. Control of torsional vibration Maintenance free Shock load protection Zero backlash Low cost Applications Diesel driven pumps Pumps …